Terms of Service

All instance of “We”, “Us” and “Our” represent SuperbVPS or any other party legally authorized by SuperbVPS to represent on their behalf. Whereas “You”, “Your”,  “client” or “customer” refer to the person who purchase our services or legally allowed to act on behalf of such person.

This is necessary for our clients to understand that all services provided by
SuperbVPS must be used for legal purposes only. Violation of any US Federal, State or City Law is strictly prohibited. In case of violation, your may be ceased with no refund guaranteed.

Below are some activities that are considered illegal by law. But the scope of this document is not limited to these activities only.


  • Usage of copyrighted material, without consent.
  • Hosting material that is considered obscene. For example, Pornography.
  • Hosting and distribution of pirated software or warez.
  • Hosting Trojans.
  • Performing DDoS Attacks.
  • Spamming.
  • Send unsolicited bulk emails.
  • Sales of controlled substances such as Illegal Drugs.


Server Abuse

Using our servers, to perform stress testing, DDoS Attacks, Mining Crypto Currency or any such action that causes to test our server resource to their full capacity and may cause damage to our hardware, will result in immediate account suspension. Legal action may also be taken in such circumstances.


Spam Abuse

Sending unsolicited emails in bulk quantity for marketing purposes, is illegal by law and also highly discouraged by us. Such activities may result in our server’s IP address being banned or blacklisted, which may also harm our other clients and us as a company. If we find your account being associated with any such activity we are allowed by law to take legal action against you.



Although, we make periodic back up of all our servers but in any case of data loss we are not bound by any agreement to provide you with our copy of backup data or to put the server in previous state.

It is your responsibility to make periodic backup and store them at some secure location, possibly other than our servers.


Reseller Accounts

If you chose to sell any third party products, along side our products and market them as a one package. It is responsibility to entertain any possible claims by your clients.