Privacy Policy

SuperBVPS cares about their client’s privacy and data. Our carefully designed data collection process makes sure that only necessary information is collected from clients and human interaction with the client’s data remains minimal at all times.


What data we collect?


  • Client’s personal information that is required to procress payments. Such as Name, Address, Credit card details etc.
  • Data about your interaction with our site and client dashboard. Data for example, pages you visited, terms you searched for, pages you exit from, how long you stay on each page.


How we collect your data?



Cookies are text based files that are sent to user by the server, every time a user visits a site. It collects important data to improve user’s overall experience of visiting a site.

By using cookies, we collect data about location of each user, search preferneces, your preferred language, device settings and the type of browser you are using, etc.


Order form

In addition to site usage and user behavior, we also collect data about user’s payment details and some personal data along with that.

When you make purchases through our site, we process your credit card details via a secure channel and all data that is collect by us in this regard. Stays at our secure servers with as minimum human interaction as possible.


Who we share your data with?

In an unfortunate scenario, where your account is involved in fraudulent or other illegal activities, we may be require by the rule of law to share your data with law enforcement authorities.

Although we consult with our professional legal team before sharing your data with authorities but in some scenarios we may not notify you before sharing the data.


Your rights over your data

Any client can access, update or delete data from their accounts. But this is only limited to the data they have submitted voluntarily. We may or may not provide the data collected or backed up by us.

Data hosted on your servers are your responsibility, we recommend that you make periodic back up of your data.


Third Parties

We do not sell or share your data with any third parties other than mentioned above.