I have made the purchases for a hosting package. What's next?

As soon as your payments are processed through our secure servers. We will send you a welcome email that will include your login credentials, important URLs and your package details. You can access your cPanel now and start setting up your website.

How can I upgrade my hosting package?

In case you need to upgrade from basic to premium account. Simply log in to your hosting account and from account page click upgrade and then choose premium from the dropdown menu. You soon will receive an email confirming your purchases.

Do you offer any discount coupons?

Whenever we launch a new offer or promotion. We send coupons via email to our existing customers or share with our partner companies.

I am so overwhelmed by the number of plans and packages available. Can you help?

You can reach us via our email and our customer service representative will contact you immediately. We will be happy to provide you help in choosing from our hosting packages after understanding you business needs.

Why would I need to buy VPS hosting?

In contrary to shared hosting plans, VPS servers have higher resource availability. You will have more private disk space. For modern business applications, speed and availability are most important freatures. VPS makes sure that your applications are always available to your customers or users.